So many people are addicted to Facebook and other social media. There’s nothing left, they haven’t posted about. You need to be aware before posting anything on social media. Because you’re not safe online, no-one can guarantee your security online. Hacker, scammer and cyber criminals waiting for chance to attack you. They can get you trouble and fetch your information by analyzing your post. 

Experts says, it is difficult to control it after posting something online. So, think ten-times before you post something online. You can take these few steps to stay safe online.

Privacy And Security Settings:

McAfee’s suggestion is to set and keep privacy, safety settings as much as possible in online accounts.If your Facebook or other social media profiles are public, everyone will see it. Change it to private, you will have some control on your privacy. To get more security set which apps can get your location information. Allow apps from trusted developers and sources only. Otherwise you’re exposing yourself! Hackers can monitor your activities like where you going, what are you doing and more. McAfee also prefers using screen-name instead using real name. It’s better to use different screen-names to make harder to find your name and information by searching on Google. Beware of the third party, make sure that they cannot take advantage of your information or not to know your location. Turn on two-factor authentication. This will provide extra layer of security. 

Password Protection:

Use a strong password and change it occasionally, especially if you have reason to think it has been compromised. Create strong passwords using upper and lower case letters, numeric as well as punctuation’s in the password. Do not use the same password for everything.

Using Cloud Storage:

Now people storing various information in the cloud. Before storing information or file online make sure it’s secured and trusted.

Bonus Tips:

Install antivirus program on your pc and devices. You will need real-time continuous protection as scanning it once a day is good enough. Install latest security patches as well as all other internet-related software. You must make sure it is safe before downloading anything from the internet; whether it is media file or something else.