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Keep your eyes healthy.

Eyes are essential part of our body for day to day function. With just a few easy ways you can take care of your eyes.
Taking care of yourself after getting a kidney transplant

Taking care of yourself after getting a kidney transplant

After 2 years of agony and struggle, I somehow made it. But having a transplant doesn’t make it any easier to live. Every day is a fight for survival. Missing a dose...
Losing weight the lazy way

Losing weight the lazy way

You probably want to cut some weight off of your body. And usually it’s hard. Cutting weight can be tremendously exhausting and very much can affect your day to day life....
Photo Credit: Alexandru (Unsplash)

EyeLeo & Eye Saver – the Eye-Mans for your eyes

I must recommend you these two applications. I have to because I care about your eyes. These two are a must go combo for me when I’m...
Using Computer On Workplace

Protect Your Eye From Harmful Computer Screen

It’s very common to spend a lot of time in front of a computer for sake of work. Many people have spent more than 10 hours in front of the PC...
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Get rid of pimple or acne

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