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How to complete a book when you don't have time

How to complete a book when you don't have time 

There are several ways to finish a book. If we have enough time and space that the universe can provide, we’d throw ourselves into theories and put ourselves into different perspectives or… do something fun, let’s be honest here. I assume that you’re having hard time working on whatever you’re working on and can’t give your precious attention towards books that you should be reading. People say reading more books help you develop your mind. I shit you not, it works.

Here’s the non-bullshit solution to your problem: audio book. Yep, that’s right. Well, don’t judge me, I didn’t say “read”, it’s not a click-bait hence. Although, let me promise you on my life that it’s worth it. As a normal functioning human being, I can’t multitask like everyone else around the world. It’s not impossible to gain knowledge and make up time. Surely, audio book costs you a huge amount of time to complete than reading a traditional book. Unless, your work is the book, I don’t recommend it otherwise.

Oh, don’t stop reading… I got a bonus tip for you. Here’s how you can listen to an audio book by making time. Listen closely. Listen to an audio book while you’re eating your meal. I definitely do not recommend you eating fish full of fish bones while listening to audio book but that’s your choice. Your brain can focus on something that you prioritize while eating. Just like you can focus on a movie while eating your popcorn. I assume that you eat three times a day, unless you’re fasting. Also, it’s great for digestion to eat slowly and chewing more. But that’s another story for another day. It’d take about 20 minutes to eat your food, caution: swallowing down under 5 minute may cause you to experience indigestion. Okay, let’s focus for real now. 20 minutes a meal with, assuming, 5 minutes of preparation and cleaning your plate numbers at 25 minutes. For each meal, you get to spend 25 minutes of time. Every audio book is being read at the speed of 150-160 words per minute. That is, if you focus with the intention of learning, you get to finish a 290 page book within a week that is around 75,000 to 85,000 worth of words. That’s a math I honestly didn’t do. I actually got a book of 291 pages and I finished it within a week by listening to an audio book. 25 minutes for each meal. But seriously, 240 pages equals to 60,000 words, I looked it up. That number is assuming 75-85K words.

Also, you can listen to an audio book while you’re working out, doing chores, or while you take shit. I wouldn’t lie, I also added a few extra bit of time on those books other than listening to it while eating. Throughout the day you’ll find yourself working on different house work. But don’t multitask while doing something mental heavy work. And that means, I don’t recommend you reading news feeds on your social media accounts or checking texts or stories while listening to it, reading a book or writing won’t mix well either. It’s like oil and water.

In a few days, you may want to go on and do something else on your smartphone while doing said above stuffs. Do not do that, don’t do that, just focus on building a habit out of it. I promise you, it’s worth it.

There are plenty of open-source volunteering websites that offer free audio books. Albeit, not every book will have an audio book. But you can definitely finish a book like that within a day by reading.

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