What is anger?

Anger is considered one of the basic emotions, along with happiness, sadness, anxiety, and disgust. It’s a common emotion for human being. People who get angry easily have a low tolerance for feelings like annoyance, impatience, inconvenience, and frustration. They just cannot take things as easily as other people. No matter how hard they try. But controlling anger is important for all of us…..

Ways of controlling anger:

Learn relaxation techniques like meditation,

Meditation is a great way of controlling anger. There are some meditations that helps to slow your breathing, decrease your heart rate, and relax your emotions. This kind of meditation can increase your control of body act. Except this meditation has more beneficial sights for our body.

Look for solutions to your problems

Try to find the cause of your anger and get busy with your work. That will help you to calm down your anger. Without thinking about the problem you will never be able to solve it. Getting busy with things helps controlling all kinds of emotions of human beings.

Do not blame others

Blaming others will increase your anger more. Try to find your faults so, your brain will feel sorry and your behavior with others will be good. Everyone will be happy with your behavior and you will gain respect from them.

Talk about your feelings

Talking to someone about your feelings will refresh your mind. It will be a feeling like dropping a lot of pains. If you share your feelings with someone the listener will also share there feeling. Then both of you will feel that we have a lot of things in common. This will help to create a stronger bonding with him.

Think before you act

You can always give your opinion on something but when you are angry always think twitch that will it be ok to react on that matter at that moment? Not reacting on something means not expressing your anger. That is a really good thing.

Moreover anger is not good for us. We should always try to control it. When you are angry you will not be able to make the right decision. Anger is an interruption in our success. So, try to be normal and behave well with everyone you know. This will not harm your self-respect.