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How To Meditate? Meditation Techniques For Beginners
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How To Meditate? Meditation Techniques For Beginners 

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity. Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Many people practice it independently of any religious or spiritual practices, while meditation is often used for religious purposes. Meditation is a fuel of your inner world for a pleasant sail in your outer world. There are so many reasons to meditate. But, feeling happiness is the main reason to meditate!

How do you meditate:

When? How? For how much time? Leave them all. Don’t plan, don’t think, just start…

No one can tell you which technique will fit you and give you the best experience. You need to find your own course. Let me help you find your best meditation technique.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is a mental training practice that involves focusing your mind on your experiences (like your own emotions, thoughts, and sensations) in the present moment. This is a form of meditation that creates wonders in mind. It is the way to maximize the concentration; the secret to extracting the mind’s fullest potential.

How to Do It:

Learning mindfulness meditation is couldn’t be simpler. Some people do it for 10-15 minutes, even a few minutes every day can make a difference. Here is how you to get started: Find a quiet and comfortable place. Take a good seat, Sit in a chair or on the floor with your head, neck, and back straight but not stiff. Pay attention to the breath, feel your belly rise and fall, pay attention to the way each breath changes and is different.

Don’t expect dramatic magic in a few days. Please be patient and don’t stop. Do it every day, even a few minutes every day can make a difference.

Follow Compassion:

It is one of the best meditation techniques to feel content and blissful. ‘Help’ is just a four-letter word, but its impact is beyond words. Not only it makes the recipient blissful but also the one offering help.

How to Do It:

You don’t have to do any extra work to start. There are many help-seekers around you. Your emotional friend needs your moral advice and a homeless person lying on the street needs your financial help. If you have a solution to any of their problems, please don’t walk away leaving them suffering. Help them without expectations. Not only for them, do it for yourself. It’ll enable you to have a positive approach in life.

Change Your Lifestyle:

Did you ever hear about this technique? Maybe not but it really works!

How to Do It:

It’s amazing that there’s no particular time or place to do this meditation technique. You can do it anytime, everywhere.
It will need a small sacrifice — self-control. It could be anything from your routine or diet. It’s about your daily living, how you work, how you eat, how you spend. Join volunteer, do social works, donate to charities, they have a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. These simple lifestyle changes may seem small, but they can big improvements to your health.

Do Whatever You Love:

It is the most beautiful technique for developing self-love. Unless you are not harming anyone, doing whatever you love is a soulful experience.

How to Do It:

We are different, incomparable individuals. You have to explore your passion to pursue. I love to learn and write, and this is what I am doing every day. It makes me complete as an individual. Ask yourself what makes you smile, which no one does better. When you get an answer, make it worthy to define you.

Walking Meditation:

Walking meditation is highly nourishing and allows you to find a moment of peace.

Walking meditation is designed to bring body & mind in sync while we’re out and an alternative if you don’t like to sit and meditate.

How to do it:

Start with a small walk–morning, evening, dinner, anytime. Feel your moving steps to create awareness about the same. Even if your mind diverts; bring it back to your steps. Doing a walking meditation is also a good way of learning to be mindful without making the time for formal, seated practice. Once you learn how to meditate while walking, you’ll become calmer and cheerful. Walking meditation is highly nourishing and allows you to find a moment of peace and a sense of being grounded (Balanced). Walking is one of the physical activities which energizes your body but you have to make it a pleasant experience for your mind too.

Connect with Nature:

Life is usually a blur of passing lights, blaring sounds, and people’s voices. There are so many benefits to getting outside. Connecting with nature helps you find peace in your busy life.

How to Do It:

Nothing special, just find a place in the green where the outer environment is serene and peaceful. Take a deep breath, listen to the sound of a flowing river, chattering birds or the flowing wind. How do you feel? Good, right? Doesn’t matter what kind of green space it is, park or gardens, even an office atrium filled with greenery will help you get your daily fix. Nature is waiting to tell you a beautiful story. Please be patient to listen to it.

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