It’s not impossible to increase endurance and to maintain the same weight. The thing is, it’s inevitable to lose your weight when you’re doing cardio. But if you have to increase your stamina you have to do cardio. It’s kind of win-lose situation or a situation where balance matters a lot.

To lose body fat, you have to exercise your entire body. Spot fat reduction isn’t possible at all. The masters of body building once said, anyone making you believe that spot fat reduction is possible is probably a fake.

There’s one way that you can maintain your body weight and increasing your stamina. And, of course, it’s with cardio. What you have to do is run all out for 30 straight seconds. Like your life depends on the speed. That’s the only way you can increase your stamina and maintain the same body weight. Running for 30 minutes or an hour can make you lose your weight.

This is only for a weight level that you feel comfortable or want to be at.