Simple and cost free way to get rid of odors Photo Credit: Daniel Apodaca (Unsplash)
Photo Credit: Daniel Apodaca (Unsplash)

I know that getting rid of odor is hard some time especially with cotton clothes, socks and shoes of any kind. When it’s summer, I doubt you’ll ever want to get outside of your house and ruin your Tee by sweating a lot if you’re very careful about your outlook like me. The smell of your sweat just ruins it by sticking to it. Even after washing, it won’t get rid of the smell that much. The sweaty odor will stick around.

Long story short, you’ll need to place it under direct sunlight where it can get the UV ray and its heat. Placing it under the direct sunlight gets rid of bacteria and the odor from your sweat. It’s very easy and simple. I learned this from my parents’ advice. I used to dry my clothes without the sunlight and that procedure ruined my clothes. Hand washing my clothes wasn’t enough. Some time, not even your washing machine can do the trick but by simply placing the clothes under the sun will help tremendously. Sun light gets rid of bacteria that creates odor from sweat. Just like a deodorant would do by controlling the bacterial breakdown in any sweat glands.

You may ask, does it work for shoes and socks as well? Yes! It does. No one wants to bother cleaning the shoe and wait for it to dry out. It’s good to wash your shoes that are knitted with water and detergents specifically for that shoe (if there is any). But when it comes to leather shoes, man, that’s another story. You can’t clean it with water and the cost of buying the cleaning product may weigh on your wallet. Placing it straight up under the sunlight will immediately get rid of the smell in couple of hours. Do it once every 2 days, better if done regularly. And, the socks, you might want to get your hands dirty and wet to clean it entirely. But yeah, to keep it hygienic, place it under the mighty sun for every wear. Keep more than one pair of socks.

Bonus: this way of getting rid of any kinds of smell too works on the BBQ smell that hangs onto your clothes, like jacket. You only have to expose the parts where it smells.