What you need to get a good position in the corporate world? You will get rough idea after joining professional’s network LinkedIn. Nowadays, organizations use LinkedIn to get an idea of ​​candidate’s skill and experience by checking their LinkedIn profile. Here’s some useful tips and suggestions to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Profile Picture:

Upload your own photo as profile picture. Don’t use cartoon, meme, wallpapers because it is against professionalism. After receiving your application, employer will check your profile. So, “outlook” is very important here, if you get reported by users for fake profile you’ll get banned from using their service.


If you make changes or update your profile, connected peoples will be notified by default. Change this setting before they feel annoyed. Let them know only when you publish something important.

Stay On Topic:

Only share posts that related to your work. Don’t share funny or any personal photos and videos. Suppose; you’re a web designer, then talk about Html, CSS, Java Script and other web design related topics.   


Connect To World:

Set your career interest’s and chose which professional’s to connect with. You’ll be able to connect to peoples with same profession and interests. Before sending “Connection Request” you have to send a message to user. I suggest to write specially for everyone. This will increase your chance to connect more people.

Greet Everyone:

Getting ‘’connected’’ isn’t enough. Greet them with welcome messages to build a good connection. If the conversation continues, tell them about your works and share your idea.

Be Responsive:

Many people are too late to send a reply. Because they plan to reply later, when they have time. This is very bad and shouldn’t be more than two days. Try to answer messages as soon as possible, maybe it’s opportunity to get your best job!

Recommend best workers around you. Share your experience, opinion, suggestion’s with your co-workers and other peoples. Help peoples to complete their project. That’s all, nothing to do more join the winning team. Good luck!