There’s no catch. Just like the title says. It’s a free proxy server project which basically works like a VPN. Orbot is developed by makers of TOR (The Onion Router) for Android. They made internet privacy available for free. There’s no subscription to pay to use their service. It’s an open-source service filled with a lot of volunteers helping build relays over the world.

There are subscription based VPNs out there that you can use. Usually, those are very expensive. It’s worth paying for, albeit. The cons of using Orbot are their slow internet connection, pros being that it’s entirely free with no advertisement or subscription attached. How VPN works is that your internet connection travels through the service provider’s server, wherever that is placed around the world and it gives you anonymity on the internet and access to banned websites. Wherever you go your connection is always encrypted and anonymous. But, you have to pay for it.

Unlike VPN TOR depends on relays. That is, a volunteer of computers around the world that works like a server of a VPN. Your data travels through 3 middle relays or computers and then to TOR’s network making it anonymous and secure. TOR doesn’t use middle relays as the source of the connection, as in the IP address. Which in turn makes the internet connection secure. There are tools out there that can help anyone monitor a computer but when you’re using TOR to browse the internet it only shows up as if you’re entering Tor network not anything else in the middle.

TOR uses bridge to help user access the TOR network when your ISP or the Govt. bans access to TOR. When your connection is blocked to access TOR network, you can turn on the bridge option to access TOR network. It gets harder to know that you’re using TOR but it’s not impossible.

The perks of using a browser like this being a high-end privacy and security. No one on the internet knows what you’re doing online, not even your ISP. No one can track your usage, no cache or cookies to know how you use your computer or who you are. Not even NSA would be able to track you down.

Unfortunately, this is only available for Android. And another perk being, anyone using Orbot can make the entire phone go through TOR network where a PC can only access to its network via their browser.

I would not suggest you using this unless necessary like govt. censorship. If you’re an average internet user you don’t have to sweat much about it. What you do on the internet is anonymous when you’re using HTTPS. ISPs can access where you’re browsing but the specific link you’re entering is completely private as long as it’s encrypted.

Your privacy always will be on your own hands.