Our entire body part can gain fat due to our diet. That can as well affect our facial muscles. Sometimes, you may notice that your facial fat increases even though your body weight remains the same. And everyone prefers muscular facial structure over face with facial fat. Here I will demonstrate a few dietary practice and facial exercises:


Avoid oily foods, sugary products, and anything that has sodium as much as possible. Other than consuming oily products that includes omega-3 and anything related to sea, it’s best to avoid any other oils. Eating cucumber is a huge addition to losing your weight. Cucumber is low-calorie based food.


Sleepless nights can add up a few more grams to your facial fat. Sleeping for 8-9 hours every day is recommended.


Drinking water helps in terms of losing toxins from your body. Drink as much as your body requires you to. An average person drinks 4 liters of water a day.


Physical activity plays a big role in losing weight and facial fat. Walking for an hour every day or exercising with cardio everyday can contribute to your weight loss. The way you can perform this is by running for straight 2 minutes and walking the next 4 minutes. This will burn calories and contribute to your weight loss.

Green tea

Drinking green tea can help you with the process of losing facial face, effectively. Because of its protein called catching it helps burning excess fat in your body.

Facial exercises

To reduce facial fat, these are some exercises you need to apply this to your daily habit. Here are some few exercises that you can perform:

  1. For this first exercise, make your facial muscles look like a fish as shown in the picture. Hold that position for 10-15 seconds for every minute, every day.
  2. For this exercise, you need to look upwards and shrink your lips in a kissing position. Hold it for 3 minutes
  3. For the third exercise, it’s where you extend your jaw and your tongue outside. Lay your tongue flat down for up to 15-20 seconds.
  4. For the last one, you will have to fill one side of your mouth with air. Transfer the air to the other side of your mouth again and again for up-to 20 seconds.

Put all these exercises in account for 30 minutes every day.