Photography, whether your hobby or career. You can earn extra money by selling your quality photos online. It doesn’t matter that shot was taken by DSLR or mobile phone, quality matters. If you’re good at photography, you can earn some extra cash passively.

Where to sell:

There are many marketplaces or websites to sell pictures online.  Working conditions are different on websites. Millions of photos are available on marketplaces. Also there’s no lack of buyers to worry about. Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Image, Dreamstime, Fotolia (Adobe Stock) are best marketplace to sell your photos.

Getting started:

Before selling images, it is necessary to register an account on marketplace and get approved after quality checkup. You have to submit some of your work samples or create your portfolio to be reviewed. Once your photos accepted, its ready for sale.


You may ask, which peoples are buying photos and why? Usually, advertisers, ad agencies, news and media, bloggers and corporate websites buying stock photos to use on their work and projects. Photos can be related to nature, travel, cooking, decoration, education, health, peoples, culture, cars, bikes etc. Images speaks thousand words! Organizations and individuals need copyright-free pictures to use. Copying images directly from “Google Search” may cause copyright issues. So they buy copyright-free pictures from online marketplaces without taking pictures directly from Google.


Use tags and keywords to help buyers to find your available photos. Marketplaces offers a number of ways that you can earn money from your photographs. Earnings can differ, but when you upload a photo to marketplace, you still keep copyright, earn up to 70% of the sale price of photo depending on the photo size. Currently, the payout is between $0.25 and $100 per sale. You’ll earn more when you sell your image exclusively only at a marketplace. The more content you’ll have in your portfolio that customers need, more opportunities to gain earnings.