After 2 years of agony and struggle, I somehow made it. But having a transplant doesn’t make it any easier to live. Every day is a fight for survival. Missing a dose of medication can alter a lot of things. And each day feels like it’s the last day of my life. There are several things that you must follow; mainly it consists of having a good diet. Avoid whichever food that your doctor told you to avoid.


Water plays a huge role maintaining a healthy body after the transplant. You must drink at least 3 liters of water every day. If you fail to meet this goal due to some reason, at least you must drink 2.5 liters of water. Try to keep a bottle of water beside you. The amount of water you intake will affect your level of creatinine. Best if you keep it under an appropriate level.


After kidney transplant you can often eat almost all the foods. But you have to be careful about extra oils, spicy food, outdoor food, fast food, and the chemicals used in foods (specifically formalin/formaldehyde) etc. If you want to eat such foods, you can go about eating once in a while, preferably a month. Also, don’t eat anything that can trigger allergy or something that can have an effect on your immune system like crab, eggplant, shrimp and anything close to these. You can eat chicken and fish as usual. And always avoid seafood, hilsa or ilish, cow meat, goat meat and anything that is extra fatty red meat as well asdairy products. But foods like pulses, potatoes, dried fish, peas, pumpkins and mushrooms can be eaten with a proper moderation in limited quantity. Avoid anything that is seed like.


 It is very important to exercise to keep the body healthy. You can walk for an hour every day. As a result, your body’s blood circulation will increase. Your kidneys will be healthy. And as a caution, best if you avoid exercises that cause strain on your muscles and not to carry heavy weights. You can play energy efficient sports like badminton and riding cycle. Preferably keeping it short is a good choice. 


 Taking medicine on time is the single most important thing you must do. Accidentally skipping a meal is not as significant as skipping taking your medication. So you have to be very careful when comes to your medications.

 Take care of your body, when something happens that can be life threatening it’s best to tell your doctor. And never avoid check-up.