Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

You’re probably getting sick of forgetting your passwords and getting your accounts hacked. Say no more, fam. That’s entirely normal and can happen to the best of us. Keeping same password for every account is as bad as having a bad password. Hackers use different kinds of tools to crack your security password. The easier it is, the easier it is for the hacker to get a hold of your account. Today’s the you get to learn to protect your account.

There are different factors that can leak your data, like backdoors and other stuff. But keeping it secure from the front-end is more important than worrying about the backdoor unless you’re running the website or the company that is liable to protect user data. Internet privacy has become a huge factor in running larger companies. People are very aware about privacy nowadays.

Front-end is where you type your username and password to log into your account. Security experts tell us that we must have different password for each account we own online. And each password must have the use of different upper-lowercase characters, symbols and numbers to stay secure. There are plenty of ways to crack your password. Use of numbers to crack is very common. Having a single form of password such as use of only words or only numbers can get you at security risk. Easier it becomes to hack your account.

There are number of ways to keep your account secure and each having unique password. You can save it on your notebook and anywhere else, literally. But the easiest way to stay secure is by using a password manager that can generate passwords for you and save it online.

There are plenty of password managers out there but most of those may cost you. Each having a unique way to keep your passwords protected. How it works is by getting you a master password that you use to log into the vault of passwords. The vault is where your usernames and passwords are saved. And, of course, no password ever matches one another. Remember I talked about the use of backdoors? Here, we don’t have to worry about it either. They use high-end encryption system that protects your account as well as their systems from hackers. But there are limitations of how many accounts you can store or if you can synchronize your keys online. These features come in with paying a small amount of fee.

And there’s Norton doing the work of magic, which is, they are making password manager entirely free for anyone to use. No catch. Nonetheless, you can store as many account and keys as possible, even synchronize it online logging in from your PC or a mobile phone. All you have to do is, remember 2 different passwords. One is your Norton account’s password and the other is the vault that stores your passwords. Alternatively, you can use a pin code temporarily or if you have a fingerprint sensor you can use it as well. This is available as an app for both Android and iOS, also can be accessed via your browser. There’s a chrome extension available for this.

Why are you still reading? You got to protect your goods, bro. Go to your nearest app store and search for Norton Password Manger.