Ever thought of where you might’ve expended all your savings in a week? Tired of writing it down on a piece of paper and even to the point where you go look for the cash and start counting. Well, that’s too bad you’re not using a money manager that could just simplify on recording of your expenses.

We need to grow the habit of counting our expenses and see where we spend our money on. What we want to become is more financially stable, yet we barely keep records of our spending. This bad habit could grow into making you financially unstable.

There are plenty of apps out there that can keep track of your expenses and help you budget. But most of those come with either annoying ads or the need for subscription.

This app neither requires you to pay nor does it require you to sign up for anything. There’s no catch. Just download and use it.

Intuitive and user friendly design makes it the best there is. Comes with a traditional pie chart where you can view the source of income, or organize it as how much you have in your bank account, wallet or in the drawer etc. Oh, and don’t forget about the expense tracker. The pie chart allows you to see transactions made in numbers and chart distributed. This helps you keep track of where you might’ve spent your money on.

Download it here.