I know it’s hard to make a switch from one cloud to another by transferring files. What if I told you that you can do that effortlessly now? Well, it takes time and a slow process. Of course, it has a paid service that does it faster. It saves your time and if you’re using a data allowance on internet, it can save your internet data as well.

When it comes to transferring files, it’s become easier compared to a few decades ago when USB didn’t exist. That changed a whole image of the industry. You could transfer huge files within a few minutes. But, then, what if you forget to bring your USB drive to where you work? That’s when the cloud service was born.

It’s quite easy to transfer files from one computer to another. But transferring files from one cloud service to another cloud service, well, that can be a huge pain. You have to download and upload the files again and again, repeat it until you’re done. It was both time consuming and not worth it.

The service I’m going to suggest you today is called MultCloud. I’ve used this service when my OneDrive subscription ran out and Microsoft kicked me out of their service. Actually, they did, technically, that’s another story for another day. But I had a deadline that I had to pass my files to my computer otherwise OneDrive would delete my files entirely. I was baffled, had I known the fact that it was going to happen I wouldn’t have saved it there (Note: I can’t afford cloud services, I’m from Bangladesh). Then, after Googling and going from service to service, reviews after reviews I came across this magical service that saved my work progress. I logged in with my Google and connected both my OneDrive and Box account. Transferred all my files to Box where I had a storage that can be kept there for a long time without having any kinds of problem regarding subscription.

You can just connect all your cloud accounts and bingo. You just saved your time. Fun fact, you can transfer up-to 50 GB of files on a free version, you can pay for faster work progress and more capacity.