I’ve been meditating for almost 2 months now, 20 minutes each day dedicating to meditation. You might’ve heard meditation helps you focus and brings balance between your work and life, or that it can help you feel less stressed or depressed. Well, that’s entirely true. And I’ve been sensing the changes that are coming to my life and mind.

It really began as a new year’s resolution for me, to meditate 20 minutes every day for rest of the year. Just like previous year, where I started exercising for the sake of my health and I haven’t stopped since. All it requires is a certain amount of discipline and timeliness. You have to commit to it otherwise putting it half-assed won’t get you anywhere. I’ve made it my habit rather than making it my goal. Now, what it feels like is if I could have more time other than my real life bullshit I’d prefer meditating forever.

The peacefulness that I feel is what keeps me coming back to it. I’ve been doing different kinds of mindfulness meditation techniques with my guided meditation app, Headspace. It’s been really helpful teaching me how to meditate. It’s not like I’ve achieved enlightenment. Not everyone achieves that.  I won’t be biased about meditation of how it’s beneficial. Before triggering anyone, let me tell you that I’m a Buddhist. Most importantly what I started feeling is that, I’ve started feeling more emotionally stable, more caring towards myself. Dramatic situations that used make me feel depressed now somehow doesn’t. I feel less worried about small things; I stopped caring about things that are out of my control. And the most important of all, I started feeling more focused whenever I speak. I started listening more than I used to. I promise you, I’m a very talkative person but these changes that I’m having right now are something I would’ve always wanted. Besides, people want to be listened more than talked over.

Like any normal person, I have family problems. If you don’t have it, you’re the luckiest mother fucker alive. Anyways, whenever my family used to say illogical shit about anything like any overprotective family member would, I’d feel depressed and would piss me off making me slam the poor ass room door. I spent most of my time last year feeling depressed about almost everything. It mainly had to do with my family and relationships. Even though I kept up with exercising, it didn’t help me control my emotional stability that year. What I learned from meditation is accepting myself for who I am. Regardless of what people think, none of anyone’s negative or baiting opinion about how I feel good about myself matters any longer. This is like a barrier for me, a protective shield. It has become part of me and the personality I have? I’ve accepted it.

Which is better yoga or meditation? However, yoga is still much more physically focused than mentally focused, like meditation. Photo: Unsplash
Which is better yoga or meditation? However, yoga is still much more physically focused than mentally focused, like meditation. Photo: Unsplash

In short, meditation helps you accept who you are, strengthen you emotionally and helps you not give a flying fuck about petty things. What I plan on doing right now is continuing my quest of finding myself within myself. I’ll hopefully update you guys with my quest in the near future.

There are plenty of resources out there that can help you with guided meditation. Best if you download the Headspace app and learn the basic procedure. Try it at least and prove me wrong if it doesn’t work. You won’t be disappointed.