What is Lifestyle Card?

Lifestyle card is an International Prepaid Visa card of Eastern Bank Limited (EBL). EBL Lifestyle Prepaid Visa Card is an EMV Chip card. You can use this card in where visa card is supported. Lifestyle card is a dual currency (BDT/USD) supported a visa card. You can avail this card from any EBL Branches without having any bank account. You can also reload money whenever it’s necessary, anyone can load money with the card number, no need card owner. This card is acceptable throughout the world. Lifestyle Prepaid Visa card has three years of validity. If you are a student or freelancer no problem you can also take it, but you must be 18 years old. EBL launched this card especially for freelancer and businessman.


  • You Must be a Bangladeshi citizen.
  •  Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Completed EBL Prepaid Card Application Form (You need to complete this form in bank).
  • Recent Passport Size Photo of Applicant.
  • Valid Photo ID (NID or Passport).
  • Passport is required to enable dual currency. Dual currency allows you to use your card internationally.
  • Card issue fee is 575/- BDT.

Passport is obligate for endorsement for International Transactions.

Features/Facility of Lifestyle Visa Card:

  • Banking without having any bank account.
  • Duel currency (BDT/USD) supported EMV Visa prepaid card.
  • Free cash withdrawal from any EBL ATM.
  • Free reloading USD or BDT from any branch of EBL.
  • Transaction alert by massage in your phone number. 
  • International and local shopping in online or any shop & restaurants.
  • Excess balance refund.
  • No annual fees in three years (till card expires).

How to get it?

Go to your nearest EBL branch with a passport size photo, Passport and a photocopy of passport (bio-data page). They will give you an EBL prepaid card application form. Fill it out and submit it to them with the photocopy of passport and a photo (write applicant name back side of photo). They will keep a copy and give you a customer copy of this form (Store it). Then they will give you an envelope. An Acknowledgement Slip will be attach there with Prepaid card mailer, you must fill it out and submit it to them or they might fill it. They will give you the Prepaid card mailer (store it) and they will keep the Acknowledgement Slip. Then they will tell you to go another desk with the envelope for your card PIN Code. Go there and get your PIN Code.

You must submit 575 BDT (Card fees for three years) in Bank Reception.  

They will never take any annual fees in three years before your card expire. You can activate your card again after three years with 575 BDT when it will expire after three years.


Now the Lifestyle prepaid Visa card is yours. You must wait 7 days, because your card will activate after 7 days. Then you can use it in everywhere.

NOTE: Please Store all the documents of card, It’s very essential. You must need all the documents when you will lose your card.

Remember one thing never share your PIN CODE and CARD NUMBER with others.