Finding stock image can be hard with copyright/DMCA law around. Neither is it any easy for photographers to open-source the image at the cost of nothing. Every image taken is a hard-work of someone behind the computer screen post-processing and taking pictures. Both are extremely time consuming.

Creating thumbnail for blogging or vlogging can be extremely tiresome and costly if the pictures are downloaded from well-known websites like Shutter Stock, Pexels and others similar to those. Photographers make money selling pictures online via these websites. It thoroughly pays off with people engaging more and more on online communities.

On the other hand, Unsplash brings in open-source platform to share pictures on their website, with the target of sharing stock pictures for free to use. There’s no string attached to these images, copyright doesn’t get involved in any way. Photographers world-wide come here to contribute with their pictures. The Unsplash license protects any user of the images shared on their website.

This has become the place to collect wallpapers as well. Regardless of that, online marketers and writers can use such pictures for the sake of any purpose they wish to without any strings attached. This brings in great addition to online bloggers who struggle to write blogs but has hard time collecting pictures online or having to make their own.

If you’re looking for free to use pictures I don’t know where else to look for.