Torrent ads are annoying. Sometimes, it’s offensive and other times it’s just uncomfortable to be seeing around your parents. All you just want to do is download a bunch of files from the internet and what’s stopping you from doing it is that god damn bikini advertisement. It’s very uncomfortable to open it around your parents.

In that case, what you can do is grab this software called QBittorrent. It’s an open-source torrenting software that is developed by people who deserves a Nobel peace prize, IMO. This software can help you download and upload files like the other torrent engines.

QBittorrent’s pros being: it’s light weight, open-source (or let’s call it free), ad-free simply put. Cons being: it’s buggy but not something that you can’t deal with. And completely similar on features to of its torrenting alternatives. You can stream like Bittorrent clients, download files selectively and filter out IP even which Bittorrent doesn’t even have.

Problem with traditional torrent clients like Bittorrent and uTorrent being it’s loaded with ads and bloatwares. But you can turn it off for a certain amount of fee starting from $4.95 annually which is for ad-Free version. Pro version that includes features like live streaming the files, converting files and anti-virus features would cost you around $19.95 annually. And there’s a whopping $70 plan for included VPN feature. But it’s not worth it though. Why not just invest $20-30 in more dependable anti-virus software and there are loads of converters out there that are free, like Ashampoo. If you want to torrent with VPN like environment, you can use software like Tallow that encrypts the connection with TOR network. Paying for torrenting isn’t worth it anymore